One of the common pitfalls of retirees is not having a solid reliable income plan for retirement.  It seems simple; take your monthly expenses minus your income from your pension, social security and whatever you still need, withdrawal it from your retirement savings. However, This is not income planning; this is living in survival mode. What do you do when your accounts are down? What do you do when you need more than what your investments are earning? Are you working only with qualified or IRA dollars, and how will these withdrawals affect your taxes? Which account should you access first for your income needs? What happens when social security is no longer available, do you have a “back-up plan?” Don’t be fooled into thinking an income plan for retirement is a simple matter of addition and subtraction. Looking at the variables of inflation, taxes, investment choices and developing a solid reliable income plan for retirement is what Capital Peak Financial specializes in.


Everyone prepares their tax return each year and pays their “share” of taxes. But are you truly looking at the whole picture? Without taking a step back and evaluating your investments and the tax consequences of them, you are truly missing out and paying more than your “share” of taxes.

Taxes to Beneficiaries- Many people find that when they retire, they do not need all their retirement assets. Rather than spend their retirement assets during their lifetime, IRA owners would prefer to see their beneficiaries benefit from their lifetime savings. Having a proper plan to address what you leave behind and the tax consequences of this inheritance, ensures your loved ones don’t pay more than their share of taxes.

Estate Taxes- Do you know what your tax bill will be to your loved ones? Inheritance tax, estate tax and death duty are the names given to various taxes which arise on the death of an individual. Estate tax taxes the personal representatives of the deceased, while an inheritance tax taxes the beneficiaries of the estate.

Capital Gain Taxes- Its not simply a matter of buying and selling investments based on performance but also ensuring your transactions are tax favorable when need be.

Social Security Taxes- Up to 85% of your Social Security retirement benefits may be taxable. Many retirees are not aware of this, nor do they know how to reduce or eliminate tax on social security. We have helped hundreds with these tax reducing strategies and could possibly help you as well.


As you know, in the game of life there are different scenarios that can happen at any time.  Within a brief period, your nest egg that you’ve worked so hard to save could be wiped out by a long term illness or even worse, market volatility. Capital Peak Financial can help you select and refine the appropriate asset protection plan.

Regardless of the direction the stock market and interest rates take in the future, it’s important to have a trusted advisor you can count on to give you honest, reliable information and look after your best interests.That trusted advisor is David Leonhard and Capital Peak Financial. We are experienced and  responsive. Our Team understands your need for integrity and transparency.Capital Peak Financials mission is to help people create and grow wealth, protect and preserve their life’s savings, and plan for the distribution of those savings in the most tax advantageous manner while living and at death. Our specialty is in the post-retirement arena, whereby an emphasis is placed on income planning and estate planning. Almost 60% of retirees run out of money before they run out of life. Capital Peak Financial Services assist retirees in creating income that cannot be outlived, while also protecting their assets for a spouse or other heirs upon their death.

nut-basketProcrastination is the leading cause of why retirees have not properly planned for retirement. One of the most common pitfalls is not having the proper legal items in order. Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney for Health and Power of Attorney for Assets play an important roll in retirement and estate planning.

In some cases, a Trust is also essential to ensure the loved ones we leave behind, do not inherit a mess, rather than a legacy. Capital Peak Financial assists our clients in outlining a plan that will reduce the possibility of probate and maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. To learn more about our estate planning services or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us at 941-234-2844.