Social Security Maximization

Social Security Maximization Last year, more than 60 million Americans received over $727 billion in Social Security benefits. The average monthly benefit for retired workers is roughly $1,229 [...]

Estate Planning

Procrastination is the leading cause of why retirees have not properly planned for retirement. Another common pitfall is not having the proper legal items in order or not keeping them up to date [...]

Tax Reduction

Everyone prepares their tax return each year and pays their “share” of taxes. But are you truly looking at the whole picture? Without taking a step back and evaluating your investments and the [...]

Income Planning

One of the common pitfalls of retirees is not having a solid reliable income plan for retirement.  It seems simple; take your monthly expenses minus your income from your pension, social security [...]

Asset Protection

As you know, in the game of life there are different scenarios that can happen at any time.  Within a brief period, your nest egg that you’ve worked so hard to save could be wiped out by a [...]